CRP Portal

Welcome to the CRP portal, your ultimate guide for purchasing and reviewing products in our program! Follow these steps to make the most of your experience:

  1. Head to our shop and explore a variety of products. Initially, there is a £50 spending cap. If you wish to increase this limit, please contact Benito or Chloe to review your progress.

  2. Fill your basket with goods that you genuinely enjoy and will find useful. Make sure to purchase one of the phone tripods below to help with your videos! use password CRP5120 to view these products.

  3. At checkout, use code CRP5120 to enjoy your basket for free.

  4. Wait for your products to arrive and get ready to review!

  5. Once your products arrive, ensure to use them extensively and fully understand their features. Then, create a short video for review. Please adhere to the guidelines and requirements provided below.

  6. Upload your video and content below. It is crucial to include the product link, so we recommend saving them during your shopping experience to avoid inconvenience.

We aim to keep our video reviews genuine, so we have minimized the guidelines and requirements. Your honest feedback is highly valued!

Guidelines/Requirements CRP Video

  1. Mention DECKERDEALS.COM in your video and ensure to say “.COM” clearly.
  2. Avoid mentioning the price of the item purchased from our store.
  3. Refrain from swearing or using inappropriate slang excessively.
  4. Be yourself and provide honest feedback about the product.
  5. Please keep the video under or around 30 – 60 seconds. If a product does require a longer review please confirm with us beforehand.

By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that our reviews remain authentic and respectful while providing valuable insights to our audience. Thank you for your cooperation!

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