Article Page Machine


Turn Any Text Article Into A Search Engine Friendly Web Page In Seconds! This incredibly simple to use software allows you to convert any text article or data into a search engine friendly web page in seconds.


Introducing .. “Article Page Machine”

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Article Page Machine

Simply enter a few details and in less than half a dozen mouse clicks you have a perfectly formatted web page.

You can control table sizes, border thickness, background colours to match your existing web pages.

Edit and Change article titles, sub headlines and paste in fresh content at the click of a button. You can also preview your created pages before saving them.

With Article Page Machine’s excellent save template feature you can create dozens of new web pages in just a few minutes – Great for use with software like Adsense and simple enough for anyone to use.

Once your first template is completed and saved then creating new web pages from article text takes just seconds Рpaste in the content, change the Article Title and click save РHundreds of page can be created like this as fast as you can copy and paste. Article Page Machine makes creating web pages a breeze.


This offer includes:

The Article Page Machine Software
Resell Rights

Don’t miss out on this incredible offer. If you’ve ever laboured over web page creation then suffer no more and get Article Page Machine today with Resell Rights and start turning your text and content files into web pages with ease in the next few minutes!

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