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Discover How to Quickly & Easily Protect Your Web Pages from Unscrupulous Cyber-Thieves! Did you know that online content theft is at an all-time high right now?

Well, it’s true!

Just look at some of the many ways thieves could be stealing from you at right this very minute:
They could be stealing your PayPal download “return link” by simply clicking View, then Page Source.
They could take and use your web page design and graphics by simply clicking File, then Save As.
They could copy pictures, images and other artwork from your page, even those that are copyrighted, and use them elsewhere
They could harvest email addresses from your page and start spamming them

And much, much more!

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HTML Lock Down

Clearly, You Need Protection

You Need HTML Lockdown!

Don’t let thieves profit from your hard work and expense any longer  get HTML Lockdown and close the door on online theft for good!

Here’s how HTML Lockdown works:

You simply select a file to be encrypted, enter a password and click on the LockDown! Button.

It’s that easy!

Your page contents will be instantly protected  including:

  • HTML code
  • JavaScript
  • VBscript
  • Text
  • Links
  • Graphics

And more!

That’s Right, HTML Lockdown Makes It Impossible for People to Read & Steal Your Source Code & Other Important Content!

If you’ve done or paid for any significant web design work, you know how much time, energy and money it takes to create a unique and professional-looking web page.

HTML Lockdown ensures your pages retain their value and don’t suddenly proliferate all over the web  making it look like you just copied someone else’s design.

HTML Lockdown also disables:

  • Text copying via right mouse click
  • Text selection
  • Page printing
  • Offline use
  • Links display

And more.

Now You Can Encrypt & Protect Your HTML Pages

With Passwords – All in a Few Clicks!

No Special Programming Skills Required!

HTML Lockdown uses strong encryption algorithms to protect your page content and further ensures the safety of that content by requiring you to select a password.

Using these methods, the program will prevent anyone from viewing your source code or stealing your art work.

However, all of your encrypted pages will have the exact same appearance as the original pages and can be viewed in all modern web browsers.

You see, HTML Lockdown modifies the source code of a web page making it unreadable and non-editable without changing the way a page looks in a browser.

Here is even more of what HTML Lockdown does:

  • Protects your PayPal links
  • Hides your original HTML source code
  • Prevents your images from being copied and used by someone else
  • Creates special password-protected pages
  • Stops right-clicking
  • Stops offline browsing
  • Stops URLs from being displayed in the browser bar
  • Works with any web host

So What Are You Waiting For?

Stop letting thieves take the content you got through hard work and your own expense.

Get HTML Lockdown today.

Remember in today’s competitive Internet marketplace, you need every advantage you can get and HTML Lockdown helps ensure that you keep your advantage by preventing others from easily copying and profiting off your innovation.

Make them do their own work and spend their own money!

So What are You Waiting For?

Download HTML Lockdown Today!

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